Continuing operations
Cost of sales(51,722)(34,714)
Gross profit26,56519,066
Distribution expenses(3,175)(2,475)
Administrative expenses before separately disclosed items:(14,309)(9,137)
— Acquisition costs4(1,081)(419)
— Amortisation of acquired intangibles4(768)(569)
— Share-based payment costs4(272)(353)
— Restructuring costs4(117)(84)
— Change in amounts accrued for contingent consideration4(229)108
Total administrative expenses(16,776)(10,454)
Operating profit3,46,6146,137
Financial income661
Financial expenses6(581)(611)
Net financing costs(575)(610)
Profit from continuing operations before tax36,0395,527
Profit from continuing operations4,8324,381
Loss from discontinued operations, net of tax27(91)
Profit for the year attributable to the owners of the parent4,8324,290
Earnings per share9
Basic earnings per share
Continuing operations9.69p10.17p
Discontinued operations(0.21p)
Basic earnings per share9.69p9.96p
Diluted earnings per share
Continuing operations9.58p10.08p
Discontinued operations(0.21p)
Diluted earnings per share9.58p9.87p