Share capital £000Share premium £000Other reserve £000Share-based payment reserve £000Merger reserve £000Shares owned
by the
Merger relief reserve £000Currency translation reserve £000Retained losses
Balance at 1 January 201621,53946,880380293(338)2,086(93)(12,604)58,143
Profit for the year4,2904,290
Other comprehensive income350350
Total comprehensive income for the year3504,2904,640
Transactions with owners
Share-based payment charge353353
Equity dividends paid (note 8)(2,287)(2,287)
Total transactions with owners353(2,287)(1,934)
Balance at 1 January 201721,53946,880733293(338)2,086257(10,601)60,849
Profit for the year4,8324,832
Other comprehensive income279(28)251
Total comprehensive income for the year2794,8045,083
Transactions with owners
Issue of share capital4,8705,4901,10811,468
Share options issued as consideration187187
Shares owned by the EBT(246)(246)
Share-based payment charge272272
Share options settled(416)544128
Equity dividends paid (note 8)(2,877)(2,877)
Total transactions with owners4,8705,490187(144)2981,108(2,877)8,932
Balance at 31 December 201726,40952,370187589293(40)3,194536(8,674)74,864