Customer needs

A costly problem within the fluid power sector involves urgent repair to critical yet often older machinery with little or no technical information to hand, which can result in multiple site visits to fix.

Increasingly multi-site OEMs seek national partners with a local presence to service their sites up and down the country in the most efficient way to mitigate costly downtime. Moreover, with the emergence of Industry 4.0* and the shift towards more integrated technologies, skilled fluid power engineers with experience in sophisticated monitoring, control and automation technologies are in high demand to get the job done single-handedly first time.

Our national planned maintenance operation will enable us to understand clients' machinery and have the required equipment prior to arriving onsite, to ensure we fix the problem first time.

Adding value as a Group

Working in partnership with other divisional members provides us with an instant customer base, enabling us to hit the ground running with existing clients. Moreover, removing onsite maintenance from our PMC division will enable them to focus on securing new business from existing and new clients which in turn they can pass on to the Onsite Services team as an aftersales service.

* Industry 4.0 combines automation and information exchange within manufacturing.

Key facts

Onsite Services is a new division for the Group, utilising existing expertise from Group HES. The division sees Flowtech Fluidpower launch the final leg of its multi-channel strategy, adding planned onsite maintenance, to provide a total fluid power service in component distribution, bespoke solutions design and supply and onsite servicing.

Through the Group HES acquisition, we already have a number of blue chip OEM customers and will utilise both existing and new expertise to develop this division.

Service in action

Jobs carried out by Group HES

  • An enquiry to check faulty valves on the production line at a £7 billion global UK-based packaging company led to the installation of £80k of flow control valves – a small price to pay compared to a potential £40k per hour loss in downtime.
  • Improved lubrication within a large UK food packaging unit; from weekly manual lubrication (where some lubrication points on the bearings were missed or over-lubricated causing parts damage) to automated scheduled greasing system where the oil reservoir only needs filling every two months. The system is also monitored and alerts the operator to any malfunction or refill requirement.