Customer needs

Hydraulic systems play a crucial role in the smooth and efficient operation of industrial machinery. The PMC division supports both OEMs and end users. In addition to high-end products from trusted global brands, customers also rely heavily on PMC's specialist technical advice and engineering expertise to design, build and deliver bespoke hydraulics systems.

PMC companies are active in both mobile and industrial hydraulic markets. They supply industry leading components and critical and complex hydraulic built systems using hydraulics parts such as cylinders, pumps, motors, valves, filters, actuators, hose and fittings, which add value on a daily basis to the end user market.

Adding value as a Group

The PMC division markets itself as one Fluidpower Group of complementary businesses, which strengthens their overall position within the market, ensuring opportunities are passed on to other members of the division and additionally, simplifying life for the customer.

The aftersales market provides a substantial level of repeat business. Access to the Group's world class logistics centres has enabled PMC to easily and quickly supply specific replacement parts, ensuring customer satisfaction remains at an all-time high.

Access to stock from across the Group has enabled PMC divisional members to protect and increase profit margins by buying generic components at a more favourable price than via external hydraulic manufacturers.

Key facts

8 profit centres


UK, Ireland and Benelux



in 2017

acquisition in 2018

Products in action

  • Sophisticated hydraulic systems providing power, motion and control to A-frames used to launch and recover large submarines for rescue operation and oceanographic research.
  • Bespoke electro-hydraulic directional control valves used by fruit harvesting machine operators to independently control five separate conveyors in the most energy efficient way.
  • Custom madehydraulic cylinders with a battery operated hydraulic power unit and wireless connectivity to a digital controller providing improved efficiency in a nuclear/military manufacturing plant. The solution allowed manipulation of an 80 tonne object 12 metres in the air with movement precision of 0.1mm.
  • Dual road rail transmission drive systems for rail shunting to move loads of over 1,400 tonnes using innovative remote controls which enable the machine to move waggons within 10mm precision for wheel maintenance.
  • Oil extraction requiring robust high pressure premium fittings to create a leak free fit, intrinsic to the safety of such systems.
  • Supply of around 25km of hydraulic hose for a market leading OEM in heavy-duty vehicle lifts and high quality loading bay solutions across the USA, Europe and Asia.