Our business is built on trust. For that reason, our people are our single most important resource. Having long-standing partnerships with both customers and suppliers locally and across the globe, they provide knowledge, creativity, vision and motivation that keeps our business thriving.


Founder and MD Andy Newham with his daughter Marie and two sons Eddie and Andrew


Founder Ian Simpson with his daughter Chloe and brother Stuart.

Group HES

Former MD Stuart Diesel (now heading up Onsite Services), with his brother Bruce, two sons Matt and Alex and Bruce's son Josh (Alex and Josh work during university holidays).

Left to right: Matt, Bruce, Josh, Alex and Stuart Diesel

Acquiring strong companies

Building a strong Group, is as much about the people as it is about the products or services we offer.

As well as recruiting new talent, we are keen to acquire companies who value their workforce and share our vision for exceptional service. With each acquisition, as centralised functions emerge, we are keen to retain committed employees and redeploy valued skills and positive work ethic into other areas. Consequently, acquired companies are run by their senior management teams with the added support of divisional Directors.

Family-feel at heart

We are a business based on tradition. Family values of trust, loyalty, respect and teamwork are demonstrated across all our businesses. Many started as family ventures and remain that way today as they see second and third generations rise through the ranks.

Protecting our legacy

Many employees are long-serving, and across the Group we enjoy a low staff turnover. It is essential to retain and cultivate this knowledge and expertise as we shape our leaders of tomorrow. Encouraging and developing employees in the following ways supports our strategy and secures our long-term position in the market:

  • Providing collaborative working environments to bring teams together, e.g. open plan offices and conferences. The logistics centre refurbishment completed this year has enabled both the Flowtechnology UK and Indequip commercial teams to work more effectively
  • Team building opportunities – through business trade shows, customer visits, charity activities and employee events we actively support opportunities for employees to get to know each other. From experience we know this breaks down barriers and facilitates closer working relationships. In January 2018, we held a two-day education and training event, bringing together around 50 commercial and engineering personnel within the PMC division to share ideas and unite teams
  • Supporting training and development – throughout 2017, over 190 employees took part in training programmes in various disciplines, developing essential skills to build competence and add value to customers
  • Developing leaders to become multi-faceted agile employees who can quickly adapt to new technologies and circumstances with the skills to achieve our strategic goals
  • Positioning senior management to maximise cross-divisional synergies. This year, Nick Fossey, divisional MD for PMC, was promoted to oversee Flowtechnology as well, a strategic decision which will advance teamwork between these two allied divisions and continue to ensure we extract synergies
  • Empowering Group companies to work autonomously, while ensuring individual, divisional and Group goals are aligned
  • Ensuring we recruit the right people for the right jobs. As part of our recruitment programme we utilise various testing methods to ensure employees are a natural fit for our business and the job they applied for
  • Supporting apprenticeships; giving our local talent pool opportunities to learn and adopt our culture from a grassroots level and supporting industry's need for engineering apprentices as older generations retire

Collaborative working

"Having our full commercial team together in one space is paying dividends for us, we enjoy a more integrated approach where knowledge is more easily and quickly shared and ideas flourish."

John Farmer, MD Flowtechnology UK

Inspiring the leaders of tomorrow

"We are in the first year of our three-year apprenticeship with Group HES, we feel very fortunate to be part of the business who have been incredibly supportive. Our colleagues are like family. We hope to secure permanent positions when we finish, especially now, being part of a larger organisation, with more opportunities to progress."

Lillie and Zach Cooper, twin mechanical engineering Apprentices, Group HES