About HTL

Ludlow-based HTL has been serving the mobile OEM market for over 40 years and provides complete hydraulic solutions from design to installation. They have strong long-term relations with suppliers and an unrivalled service to customers, with bespoke requirements often delivered within 48 hours. They are active in many market sectors including agriculture, airport ground supply equipment, construction, material handling and rail.

The challenge

Many passenger cars within the rail sector are equipped with a dated waxstat cooling system which can be inefficient and inherently unreliable, causing over-worked parts, excess maintenance and delayed train journeys.

The solution

Our experienced engineering teams identified that replacing the existing cooling system with an electro-hydraulic fan drive system made from a kit of parts including wiring, hose assemblies, temperate sensors and an electronic fan control would bring significant benefits.

The new electro-hydraulic system provides ground-breaking flexibility with live diagnostic data available via a simple plug into a laptop, allowing the engineers to adjust the parameters of the system with ease, while optimising the efficiency of the cooling system. In addition, the solution provides a variable fan speed resulting in significantly less stress on the blades of the fan.

As a failsafe and in the event of damage to the system, the fan is automatically set to 'on', to minimise the risk of over-heating.

HTL recently supplied the solution into both Arriva Trains Wales and Abellio ScotRail, working with each to configure the product to suit individual customer requirements. The HTL team were on hand to ensure the new concept was commissioned correctly and to answer questions during the initial installation phase. By the end of 2018 over 100 passenger cars will benefit from this easy to install solution.


Years Serving the mobile OEM market


Passenger cars will benefit by the end of 2018

The benefits

The solution that replaces the waxstat system provides many benefits including:

  • Lower installation costs including reduced pipework.
  • Supplied as a kit, enabling quick and easy installation and commissioning. HTL pre-set the parameters for convenience but they can be adjusted with ease.
  • Easy fault diagnosis system reduces maintenance.
  • Improved efficiency. The option to use a variable displacement pump (pumping oil to areas that need it rather than continuously) would further improve energy efficiency and therefore reduce running costs.

HTL has been instrumental in tailoring, installing and commissioning an innovative solution which provides ongoing efficiencies for the rail sector and significantly improves the reliability of train journeys across the UK.